Report Cards Used for Advertising in Elementary Schools

Earlier this month, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood demanded that McDonald’s immediately stop advertising on children’s report cards.

According to their website, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and concerned parents who counter the harmful effects of marketing to children. They support the rights of children to grow up and the rights of parents to raise them without being undermined by commercialism.

So, when elementary aged students in Seminole County, Florida received their report cards in envelopes covered with McDonald's messaging, the Campaign stepped right in.

On the report card envelope, Ronald McDonald was displayed promising a free Happy Meal to students with good grades, behavior, or attendance.

What do you think? Is product placement on report cards ok? Is it a good way to get your message out?

Sources: Commercial Free Childhood , Adverlab

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger