Reproductive Hormones Target Cancerous Tumors Like Magnets In Mice

Gold enhanced FSH identified cancerous tumors in mice.: image via the Scottish Rock Garden Club ( enhanced FSH identified cancerous tumors in mice.: image via the Scottish Rock Garden Club ( stimulating hormones (FSH) are generally associated with the development and support of reproductive processes in the body.  But scientists at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in France, discovered that FSH is also found in the blood cells that feed cancerous tumors.  This discovery raises hopes that a targeted FSH injection can not only identify tumors, but can deliver cancer killing drugs to the identified tumors.

Researchers identified 11 different kinds of cancer tumors that contain the FSH receptor, including breast, ovarian, prostrate, color, lung, and liver cancers that are the most common and most fatal cancers in humans. Blood sample were collected from the cancerous tumors of more than 1,300 people and the FSH receptor was found in every tumor.

Then, the teams tested the ability of FSH to identify tumors by injecting the protein, within a gold-particle mixture, into mice.  The gold particle mixture enabled the researchers to see via X-ray where the FSH proteins attached in the bloodstream.

Sure enough, the FSH proteins bound only to tumor blood vessels; none were attached to normal tissue.  This promising result encourages the scientists to continue their research, translating their tumor identification model for mice, into one that can be used to identify tumors in humans.

This study is published in today's issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.



Oct 21, 2010
by Spencer Lanoue

kick cancer

This is great! If scientists were able to track the gold in the tumors then they should be able to bombard the tumors with anti-carcinogenic treatments pretty soon don't you think? I wonder how effective this method would be at destroying cancerous cells?

Oct 21, 2010
by T Goodman

kick cancer

Yes, I agree. That is the plan - to use the FSH proteins as drug carriers to isolate and kill the tumors.  This hasn't received much press yet, though, and I wonder why??