Re-Render This RC Truck, Win $300 From Lagoa Render Wars!

Web-based 3D rendering platform Lagoa, Mega Bloks and GrabCad have teamed up to test how creative designers and innovators will reimagine their fancy 3D model of a remote controlled toy truck. They’re looking to hand out cash and great prizes to their favorite designs, so let your imagination go wild!


 GrabCAD Lagoa bannerGrabCAD Lagoa banner


To get started, you’ll need to download the 3D RC truck model and open it in the Lagoa platform. From there, it’s up to you to customize the truck to make it your own creation. Mix up its colors and material textures, add an awesome background, and if you’re a modeling wizard, modify the truck to make it even better! The judges are looking for the most entertaining rendered scenes featuring your modified truck, so be sure to place an emphasis on how cool the truck is. What might just be the most important rule of the Lagoa Render Wars is that your final scene absolutely must be exclusively rendered using Lagoa. As long as your robot-zombie crushing truck is centered in the middle of the explosive volcanic landscape of your render, you’re good to go. I’m assuming that the more fun that you have making your render, the better your chances will be for winning a prize!




There will be 13 winners in the Lagoa Render Wars competition, but the first place winner earns $300, a year’s subscription to GrabCAD Lagoa, as well as a prize package of GrabCAD swag and Mega Bloks. You’ve got until January 9th, 2014 to submit your truck design to the Lagoa Render Wars page (click here to enter!), but you can always set your idea to the “Private” setting so the other contestants can’t sponge off your awesome ideas. Good luck, master modelers!