Resistance Training Is An Innovative New Fitness System

Resistance FitnessResistance Fitness

P90X, Zumba, Tai-Bo, Crossfit: you have probably heard of all of these or at least a couple. These are all fitness systems that became very popular--so popular that they made their founders a lot of money and one became its own sport. LoneDrone Innovations is looking for its new fitness system, Resistance, to do the same thing.

Resistance, in a nutshell, incorporates resistance bands into normal weight training. When you think of resistance bands, you may think of a light training session or a mobility workout. However, using the linear variable resistance (as range of motion increases, resistance increases), provided by resistance bands, and resistance from the load provided by free weights or machines, you can expect a really intense workout.

Linear variable resistance is an incredibly effective mode of training, because of the strength curve of muscles--that is muscles are stronger at certain points than others. The resistance provided by bands is typically greater (i.e. the band is stretched out) where the muscle is stronger during movement. For example, when performing a bench press, the combination of the pecs, shoulders and triceps are stronger at the first part of the movement, where the resistance band is least stretched (providing the least amount of resistance) and weaker toward the end, where the resistance band is stretched out.

Resistance Arm CuffResistance Arm Cuff

Resistance Ankle CuffResistance Ankle Cuff

The Resistance Fitness System utilizes the linear variable resistance via wrist and ankle cuffs and, of course, resistance bands. Basically what you do is strap on the wrist and ankle cuffs and attach the bands to both the cuffs and an anchor (which may be one of the cuffs or a sturdy piece of equipment). Then you perform free weight or machine exercises. The Resistance Fitness System comes with the wrist and ankle cuffs and your choice of resistance bands.

This system isn't yet on the market, and may not be. Its Kickstarter campaign (you can get more information on the Resistance Fitness System on the Kickstarter page) was unsuccessful, so LoneDrone Innovations is going to have to seek additional funding to get their project off the ground. However, I for one would like to see it, or something like it, on the market. Too many times I've had to improvise and tie/hold bands in ways that weren't safe. This system makes training with resistance bands more convenient, so here's to it getting its funds.