Respect For Water Inspires Abisko Waterfall Basin Design

Nothing inspires respect for water like a natural waterfall, and this sculptured basin designed by the Swedish team of Johan Kauppi and Lars Sundström, honors a waterfall that's not only natural, but is said to have the purist water in all of Europe: the Abrisko Waterfall in the Abrisko National Park in Sweden.  Ironically perhaps, there is no basin in the Abrisko washbasin.

The "basin" is actually a shallow reservoir in the floor.  No pipes lead from this basin out of the home to a central water treatment center.  You have to retrieve the water from the basin to use it.  Yes, I do think a large ceramic bowl would be a more elegant solution to catch the water; nevertheless, the necessity of conserving our most precious natural resource is well-made.






Abisko Waterfall, Abisko National Park, Sweden (wikimapia)Abisko Waterfall, Abisko National Park, Sweden (wikimapia) The basin is made from an growingly popular material -- cast marble -- a compound made of marble powder and a polymeric binding agent.  Cast marble is not only less expensive than real marble, but it is stronger -- more resistant to cracking.  The Abisko Waterfall Basin is also coated with a special gel that gives it greater strength and durability. The material is environmentally safe and requires very little maintenance.  The Abisko washbasin is made by and available from Eumar.


Eumar via Trendir

Thanks to Steve for the tip!