Restaurant Mon Petit: Dine Like A Feline At Purina's Exclusive & Unusual Eatery

It was only a matter of time, considering the internet has made the world's obsession with all things feline Restaurant Mon PetitRestaurant Mon Petitrise to new levels. Cat-themed businesses aren't a new trend, and perhaps that's why the latest business might make even the craziest of cat ladies shudder with dismay.

The latest cat-themed business is exclusive, and certainly not for the faint at heart. Before I reveal it, let me give you a disclaimer: I am not anti-cat; I'm a huge animal lover, and my own menagerie includes a feline. I've been to pet trade shows, and I post too many pictures of my cat on my Facebook account. So when I say this feline business is extreme, there is no bias attached; in fact, I may just be more pro-cat than you, reader. So here it is...

Restaurant Mon Petit CatRestaurant Mon Petit Cat

Restaurant Mon Petit in Japan offers a dining experience like no other. Sponsored by Purina, the exclusive restaurant doesn't take walk-in diners, or even by reservation, and that might just be to ensure that they have the "right" clientele to engage in this unusual experience. That is because unlike other cat themed-businesses, the idea isn't to interact with real kitties, nor is everything decorated with cute cartoons. When you walk through their doors, the whole idea is to be a cat. The food is inspired by Purina cat food, and guests wear specially designed cat ears equipped with stop motion technology.

Restaurant Mon Petit GuestsRestaurant Mon Petit Guests

When you walk through the doors of Restaurant Mon Petit - a name that is the same as Purina's Japan line of cat food - you are greeted by hosts and servers in feline costumes. They fit each guest with the special headsets, that resemble cat heads, and show them how to use the stop motion technology that allows them to mimic cat behavior on a display screen and interact with one another virtually. 

Restaurant Mon Petit Stop MotionRestaurant Mon Petit Stop Motion

The technological component is inarguably pretty cool, especially since I was envisioning that the whole becoming a cat thing would look something like what was depicted on Grey's Anatomy last week. It is the menu that is the most unusual part of the experience, because each dish is inspired by Purina cat food. Chef Phillipe Batton's menu is a full-course French dinner service with items like turkey terrine, grilled fish, beef, and seafood soup. Hopefully, while inspired by cat food, this feline feast is in fact gourmet as promised and doesn't taste like the stuff that comes out of a can. But, if you haven't tried it before then you can surely pretend.

Restaurant Mon Petit MealRestaurant Mon Petit Meal

It looks like this restaurant may only be open temporarily. It opened on February 22nd (cat day in Japan), and conducted a lottery releasing a total of 175 reservations to diners.

What do you think of this new feline-themed restaurant - is it fierce or freaky?

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