Restore The Fourth

Restore the FourthRestore the Fourth

Many technology enthusiasts, which includes a lot of inventors, tend to stay away from politics. We prefer things that can be measured scientifically, and solving math problems rather than dealing with law and society. But for anyone using the Internet in their businesses or activities, whether you make mobile apps, web sites, online transactions or even just send email between other members of your team, the recent NSA leaks affect you in some way. This is why this year, the 4th of July celebration is taking a special importance for many people who like technology.

This year, Restore the Fourth is a project to organize protests around the US by those who like privacy and want to see the fourth amendment restored. The site already has a map with hundreds of protest locations planned for tomorrow, and hopes to bring in many more people who care about privacy to protest the surveillance of online communication, emails and cloud data.

The site also includes resources such as a way to contact your representatives, lists of protests, fliers and more. Should you decide to join, they also have a Twitter and Facebook page where you can interact with other privacy minded people. Inventions, especially technological ones, can be used for good or bad. It's up to individuals to see that the good uses outweigh bad ones.