Restored Fresco Curry: A Tasteful Tribute to a Terrible Touch-Up

To paraphrase Starkist's Charlie the Tuna, people don't want art with good taste, they want art that tastes good! Japanese artist, blogger and curry cook Takeda Take has taken the mantra and run with it, creating his own tasteful tribute to the disastrously (but hilariously) botched restoration of the Spanish fresco “Ecco Homo”.  

It's doubtful 80-year-old pensioner and amateur art restorer Cecilia Giménez has seen Takeda's take on her now-famous “Ecce Mono” (Behold the Monkey) but maybe that's just as well... she might be tempted to “restore” it to something beyond anyone's imagination.

Takeda, on the other hand, starts with a clean slate, er, plate when creating his version of the much-mocked masterpiece. The eyes are made from kuromame (sweetened black beans), sliced cheese forms the nose, trimmed ham is used for the lips and and a couple of thin seaweed strips act as eyebrows.

The rest is just Japanese curry and rice arranged to form what the BBC called a “crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic.” Harsh... but it goes down easy. (via Rocketnews24 and Art-Eater)