ReStyle Restores Hope For Women

Jewelry does not appeal to me the way it does to some. I appreciate it and love to find cool necklaces for my partner, but I’m not moved to buy it for myself. Recently, a bracelet at a friend’s house caught my eye. I picked up the package it was still attached to and felt better just by holding it. The bracelet restored my hope that there is more good in the world than bad. I wanted the ReStyle recycled tire tube bracelet. And I felt moved to learn more.

ReStyle is a company which brings Fair Trade, women artisan made products to the mainstream market. ReStyle gives women in El Salvador, Columbia, and India the ability to create art, earn money, and support their families and children. Some of these women are single mothers who no longer have to commute long distances to work in poor conditions.

ReStyle, originally Hope For Women, was started by Evan Goldsmith. While working with a non-profit organization in the Himalayas devoted to helping women and environmental issues, he saw a group of women making cards with locally grown flowers. But the women were not benefiting from their beautiful work because they did not have a way to sell it.

Goldsmith returned to the United States and created a way to do more. Hope For Women provided women with the resources and retail outlets they needed to take control of their lives. Since introducing the ReStyle products made of recycled rubber tire tubes, Hope For Women changed its name to better reflect the work they are doing: ReStyle has renewed many women’s lives by giving them the hope for a brighter and safer future by recycling and using native materials.

ReStyle is based out of Burlington, Vermont and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Their commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact is alive and well too. Acai seeds, orange peels, and truck tire tubes are just a few of the natural and recycled materials the artisans use to make jewelry, bags, wallets, and cards.

Other than my wedding ring, I don’t wear much jewelry—certainly not meaningful jewelry. I fear that did not read well. My wedding ring is very meaningful. The hoop earrings I bought from the store in the mall, where I am way too old to be shopping for anything, are not meaningful. Nor is the rubber band from the asparagus bunch that sometimes ends up on my wrist.

ReStyle has meaning and meaningful stuff. And what’s really cool, besides all of the stuff available to purchase, is that you can have ReStyle brand their jewelry with your company name or logo. So instead of another company coffee mug, you can give your employees something more valuable.

When I was looking through their line of products made from recycled tires, I fell in love with the ReStyle Courier Bag.

It’s not jewelry. But it’s something I will gladly wear. ReStyle restored a bit of my faith in humanity. And if buying a sweet bag for myself helps restore a bit of hope for women all over the world, it is an expense I will happily pay. And the least I can do.