Restyle Me: The New Hot Or Not, Where Fashion Lovers Criticize Your Style And Make You Over!

By nature, people judge each other, and when it comes to our fashion choices and our appearances, the best critics are often those who don't hold back their opinions. Restyle Me uses this concept to create an open forum for people to comment on each other's fashion choices, and recommend ways that they can improve their looks.

Similar to Hot or Not in basic concept only, this fashion website does not rely on a number rating; it's not about how attractive or unattractive you are - it's about having people choose your worst features, and suggest ways that you could improve them; and also letting people compliment you on your best physical attributes which they feel need no alteration whatsoever!

Restyle Me is easy to use, those looking to gain feedback on their style and appearance upload a photo, and from there other members of the site can use the user-friendly toolbar to select what they believe to be either the best or worst attribute of the person in the photo. Using the icon you can you either the thumbs up or thumbs down to decide if you feel the user's best or worst attribute is their hair, body, accessories, makeup, eyeglasses, smile, facial hair, clothing, eyes and eyebrows, or tattoos. Since the major focus of the site is to help people change their overall look with relative ease, there are some categories that are noticeably missing; including specific facial features like the nose and lips. Though understandable that Restyle Me wouldn't want to push their users into plastic surgery.

Since Restyle Me is about personal improvement when it comes to fashion and style, when you choose the person's best or worst attribute, you also have the opportunity to leave a comment to tell them how you would improve that feature, or why you like it., whichever the case may be. Other users can see how site members rated each picture with red and green dots on the photo that indicate who liked, or didn't like, certain elements of the person's style. There are also interesting graphs to show you what people think you should change, and what's a great part of your personal style!

Another fun feature of Restyle me is that they allow users to tag their photos when uploading, to tell others about unique aspects of their style. They can list where they got the clothing, their favorite mascara used on their eyes and more. If looking at a picture, you see an element of someone's style you really like, you can save it in your style book for future reference!

In order to receive some of the narcissistic elements out of Restyle Me, it would be nice to see them remove the categories of teeth, and body, since those elements are less about style and fashion and more about personal appearance. The focus shouldn't be about whether people think you're attractive or not, it should be strictly about helping you dress what you've got and improve your personal fashion choices.

I'm on the fence on how I feel about this one, while on one hand I think ratings might help people learn how to improve their look, I also think it does little for the self-esteem.