Retractable Toilet Table Top: Great Idea?

Necessity is the mother of invention, but the father is unknown ~Anonymous



Patent#US6983493, the Retractable Toilet Table Top, concerns the concept of toilet inspiration, you know, those great ideas that seem to come out of nowhere when it’s “john time.” The royal throne, as the inventor refers to that instrument of necessity we plebes know as a toilet, has been transformed into a respectable workplace.

According to the inventor, his Retractable Toilet Table Top conquers the conventional shortcomings of standard toilet facilities. His creation, however, needs the following elements in order to succeed:

“This is a device for providing a working surface while a user is seated on a toilet. The toilet seat can more rightly be called “the throne” if certain conditions are met above and beyond the simple support and flush provisions. A supply of toilet paper needs to be furnished and at a convenient location or locations, not a marginally accessible location. A supply of reading material from which a selection can be made, and for some an ashtray, cigarettes and matches are needed. Some may prefer to prepare notes such as shopping lists, and these will need pencil and notepaper and backing for the note paper.”

The inventor has attempted to restore royal dignity to a much maligned and often neglected necessity. He was brave to do that, but transforming a toilet into an office, isn’t that going just a little bit too far? After all, what could be next? We might be hearing about dinner parties and/or corporate luncheon meetings for busy executives on the run. Why not just transform conference room seats into toilet seats? That might really inspire, no?

Others have considered the toilet a source of inventive inspiration as well. Consider Steve Levenstein’s two pieces, “Back(side) To The Future - A Toilet That Does Everything” and “Environmentally Friendly Toilet Inspired By Japanese Design.”

Happy whatever.

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