Retro 2 Con Famicom Earphone Mic Channels Classic 1980's Gamer Design

The Retro 2 Con Famicom Earphone Mic from Datel Japan evokes the Eighties 8-bit era and Nintendo's groundbreaking Famicom without sacrificing the high-tech conveniences we've all come to know and love.

Consisting of a set of custom detachable earbuds, a switchable miniaturized microphone built into a tiny faux Famicom controller, and a cable extender styled to match, the set glows in classic dark red and gold hues that instantly take one back to the late, great days of the Nintendo Family Computer – the breakout games system that took Japan by storm in the early '80s.

Its appearance might hearken back to yesterday but Datel's Retro 2 Con Famicom Earphone Mic was designed for today's and tomorrow's plugged-in generation.

The highlight is the cute l'il Famicom controller that acts as an in-line mic, allowing users to make & take phone calls or conduct voice chats without missing a beat.

The set is designed as a one size fits all – you can adjust the cable length to any of five different length settings from 55cm to 120cm (21.65 to 47.25 inches) to suit your comfort zone and the earbuds are conveniently detachable for cleaning.

You can order the Retro 2 Con Famicom Earphone Mic online direct from White Rabbit Express or Japan Trend Shop. A Japanese-only instruction manual is included but it's not really necessary as the components are of the plug & play type.