Retro Fit Your Home With Steampunk Light Switch Covers

Steampunk remains a popular style with many people. It combines Victorian style with mechanical elements. If you are going for full-on steampunk style, or just wanting to add a little steampunk element to your decor, check out these cool and innovative Steampunk Light Switch Plates.

 Steampunk Light Switch PlatesSteampunk Light Switch Plates

There are different styles of these switch plates. So you can mix and match them wherever you want to put them. They are all the invention of Lance Nybye, Jr. The plates are also easy to install -- just put them over your existing plate using the same screws already there. You are also covered with single and double plates depending on where you need to put them.


1. Toggle Switch Plate

 Toggle Switch PlateToggle Switch Plate

Nybye creates these unusual contraptions using decorative plywood. To add to the steampunk style there are laser engraved Victorian-style details. The joints are finished with brass hardware to complete the look. The alternating colors of the plywood are often left exposed along the edges.


2. Double Rack & Pinion Switch Plate

 Double Rack & Pinion Switch PlateDouble Rack & Pinion Switch Plate

Lance and his father, Lance Sr., founded a company together called Green Tree Jewelry. They originally made jewelry after a fire destroyed their bar back in 2008. The earrings, bracelets, and pendants are all made from wood. Now they also make switch plates, clocks, and a few other small items. 


3. Planet Gear Switch Plate

 Planet Gear Switch PlatePlanet Gear Switch Plate

People are often surprised to find that their products are largely made of wood. As much as possible of their goods are made from sustainable resources. They are also made here in the U.S.A., in San Diego, so you know that your dollars are staying right here at home.

I do have to wonder how well the wooden gears would hold up over years of wear. I could find nothing on whether or not they treat these edges with something to help protect the edges from wear. I would also hope that the wood is treated against humidity and dryness that may cause the wood to warp. Of course, I think these are so cool that I would be willing to take the chance.

To order one of these cool Steampunk Light Switch Plates from Uncommon Goods, click here for the Toggle Switch plate, click here for Rack & Pinion Switch Plate, and click here for Planet Gear Switch Plate.

Additional source: Green Tree Jewelry