Retro Digital Camera Captures Classic 110-Film Styling

This 'Digital Hedgehog' camera may look like a classic 110 film dinosaur but its performance is anything but ancient.

Officially known as the Digital Harinezumi Double-Plus Special Edition, this cute and compact digital camera evokes memories of those cheap and cheesy low-line 110 film cameras millions of budding photographers cut their teeth on.

Looks are one thing, performance is another however. Install a MicroSD card and a CR2 button battery (both not included) and you're ready to shoot either still pictures or video. The latter capability allows for 120 minutes of recording with an AVI of 25fps.

The Digital Hedgehog  weighs just 85 grams (3 oz) and measures 95.5mm × 26.5mm × 54.5mm (3.8 by 1 by 2.2 inches).

Buyers can choose from the bright yellow "bee" version shown here, white with yellow trim, or green with a cute hedgehog character. Pricing is 21,000 yen (about $245) from Village Vanguard.