Retro Handheld Gaming on Your PC with Pica Pic

Remember the days when hand-held game and watch consoles only featured one game which was basic and simple in premise and gameplay?

I recall owning two or three of these back in the day and I used to have so much fun moving side to side and up and down on the small screens with imprinted, colored backgrounds.

So I found it a pleasant surprise to find at least one of the previous game titles I owned on Pica Pic, a brand-spanking new site that allows you to play over 19 classic games for free online. The site was launched by Hipopotam Studios, which recreated these games in flash and even followed the original control layouts of each game. They have also recreated the actual design and look of each game in fantastic quality that is does justice to the originals.

The game that I found on the site which I was talking about earlier is none other than Merry Cook. I got the to play the original English version of the game of course.

The goal was just to move left and right across the screen and prevent any food from touching the kitchen floor. I still remember panicking whenever my cook was about to drop one of the sausages because my fingers were too slow.

Clicking on a game title will cause the console to magnify while the corresponding controls for the game are displayed on the screen.

The more notable titles featured on the site include the following:

  • Bartman
  • Donkey Kong, Jr.
  • Mickey & Donald
  • The Terminator
  • G-Man
  • Zelda

Head on over the Pica Pic to replay these vintage classics: Pica Pic.