Retro iPhone Charger Stand Lets You Talk While You Charge

Love your smartphone but miss the comfort and style of a retro handset? Now you can enjoy both, and juice up your iPhone as you speak! This cute retro iPhone charging station from Japan channels the cool dayglo colors of the Me Decade – 5 different colors to be exact.

The retro iPhone charging station is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Operating it is as easy as pie: First flip up the hinged backplate on the station's underside and remove the included charging cord from its alcove. Rest your iPhone on the station and plug in the connector... and let the charging begin!

While your phone charges up you can talk via the handset or talk hands-free by pushing the round button on the back of the handset. As well, you can access all your usual online functions like checking your email and browsing the internet. Modern multitasking in a retro package: now that's answering the call!

The charging station costs 2,100 yen (about $25.40) and comes in your choice of black, blue, pink, white or yellow. The handset features a 20cm (8 inch) long coiled, white plastic covered cord to complete the Wired World look.