Retro Tape Dispenser Sticks In Your Memory

C30, C60, C90, Go!! New Wave group Bow Wow Wow's blast from the past celebrated our newfound freedom to record the music we loved and take it with us wherever we went... a no-brainer now but a novelty way back when.

Tape cassettes have faded from the music scene, surpassed and replaced by music downloaded onto MP3s and burned onto CDs. That doesn't mean we of a certain age don't recall them fondly - or not-so-fondly when they jammed.

Either way, this cool retro tape dispenser from Japan's J-ME brings back those happy/crappy times while providing you with a length of tape on demand. Best of all, it never gets stuck... unlike the things you use it for.

The J-ME tape dispenser is made of black plastic and has a non-slip rubber base. The graphic design evokes that of an actual audio cassette, right down to the script in the white area we used to label our cherished mix tapes! It measures 5.6" (14cm) long by 3.6" (9cm) tall by 1.3" (3.2cm) thick and takes standard rolls of Scotch tape (cellotape).

Choose from red or green labels and prepare to spend $20.00 each at Chocosho or for you aging Brit-poppers, £13.00 at Utility. Oi! Oi! Oi!

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Aug 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Are they still useful

Are they still useful nowadays? I dont think lot of people using them.