Retro Wearable Wrist Computer: Fashion and Technology Faux Pas Of The 80's

This wearable gadget is about to get you thinking "just look at how far we come", and while retro fashions might be becoming trendy in a very big way, this is one design that should have remained in the 80's.

Retro Wearable Wrist ComputerRetro Wearable Wrist Computer

Yes, this prehistoric wearable gadget is the Seiko UC2000, a wearable wrist computer from 1984. The look is part watch, part "hey look, it's an enormous calculator strapped to my wrist". And what more is there to say, but thank goodness we've come as far as we have, not only from a technology perspective, but for the sake of fashion as well.

Via: Gizmodo (through AVING)

Sep 1, 2009
by Anonymous


I remember the Seiko UC-2100! Think it sold for $350 which is why not many were sold except in Japan of course. Today the UC-2100 is a highly sought after relic by retro computer collectors. One offered still in the original box on e-Bay once sold for $2000