Retro Wooden Mobile Phone: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Is there a place for Old World technology within the world of cell phones?



Stainless steel and shiny black devices all have their niche in our high-tech souls, but there are those among us (stand up and be counted, please) who seek the organic feel of wood in our hands. It’s nice to know some Old World craftsmen feel the same way, as Russian wooden mobile phones are now beginning to appear on the current international cell-phone market.

Be it novelty or simply the result of a love of working with wood, the Russian craftsman who first designed this wooden mobile phone first took apart a new cell phone when it wasn’t paying attention and carefully examined all of its parts. With painstaking patience, he carved out of apple tree wood not only the phone’s main holding case but also smaller cases for the wooden cell phone’s other components including the cell phone’s battery and the antennae. In fact, everything except the buttons and screen are made of wood. For an added touch, the main body of the wooden cell phone is stained a bit darker than the antennae.

How can these new wooden cell phones compete with the sleek cell phones most people want?

There are many lovers of cell phones who secretly yearn to be different, to even rebel against passing antennae and mundane ring tones. Girth and substance have their place even in skinny societies. The wooden cell phone is an act of love and a work of art. Sometimes some things can be too skinny (not women or men).

Besides, what about the trees of the world? Don’t they need love, respect and reassurance too?

Get on the wooden cell phone bandwagon when and if the wooden cell phones ever come to North America. You might not be able to use it in the rain, but one can always hope for a sunny day.

Will the next step back be a dial-up rotary cell phone?

Give those steel and plastic cell phone buggers a run for their money!
Aug 21, 2008
by Anonymous

prehistoric phone?

I recognize the buttons of a since long forgotten cell phone that I used to have many years ago, I believe it was an Ericsson.. I remember the thing sucked. Maybe still going strong in Russia ;-)? Anyway, maybe an idea for more up to date cell phones, there could even be a market for it since originality is the keyword today....And by the way, giving a modern stylish hightech cell phone a shower in the rain isn't a very good idea either.

Aug 22, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
M Dee Dubroff's picture

prehistoric phone

Thank you for you well-thought out comment.

I appreciate it.


Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

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