Reusable Heart Shaped Hand Warmer is People AND Earth Friendly

"A warm token of my appreciation. VERY warm.""A warm token of my appreciation. VERY warm."


Feel the heat with every beat... well, the Handy Heart Eco Warmer from Japan doesn't actually beat - that would be kinda creepy - but it does keep your hands and pockets warm when winter winds whistle down Tokyo's wide avenues.

Small portable heating pads (called Hokkairo) are very very popular in Japan, almost everybody use's them in winter. Why? Because they're small but stay warm for a long time, thus keeping your hands warm for a long time. The Handy Heart Eco Warmer, besides being extra cute and heart-shaped, is also environmentally friendly because it's non-disposable.

Since most common portable heating pads create heat through by the interaction of two different chemicals, tossing out thousands of worn out disposable hand warmers every year could have serious consequences for the environment. Not so with this one: simply wrap it in a small towel, boil for 10-20 minutes, and it's ready to warm your pocket - or whatever - all over again.

Check out this video of what happens when you give the Handy Heart Eco Warmer a squeeze... it's rather short but dude, you can see the chemicals react!


The  Handy Heart Eco Warmer is available for around 580 yen (about $6) each at Amazon.

They come in red, pink, green and blue. Curiously, the pads are also available in a rounded shape that oddly resembles implants - please don't get any ideas, ladies, we think you're extremely "hot" just the way you are!

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