Revenge of The Son of 10 Ads to Disgust & Disturb You

Hi, dear readers.  It's that time of the month again.  The time where I look at how twisted marketing campaigns can get and continue to marvel at the bizarre nature of advertising.

As before, I stumbled upon ads that are disgusting and disturbing-some of which are funny, some of which are confusing.  Some are also quite effective, while others left me scratching my head.

And, if you've read the previous entries in this series, you know that I'll start off gently, but things will get a bit more twisted towards the end-so beware!

1. Finetra


Holy crap!  How they got that kid into bed with that critter is beyond me.  Every kid I know would be freaking out, crying, twitching, etc.  Yet there she is, sound asleep.

Which makes me wonder about the mental stability of the kid...

2. Mr. Min Wood Scent

That's Mr. Pinocchio to you.That's Mr. Pinocchio to you.

Wood scent?  What?  And I don't want to know where he sprays it.

3. Radio Station

I couldn't quite read the logo for the station name... something like Hugman 98.0.I couldn't quite read the logo for the station name... something like Hugman 98.0.

This poor girl.  Not only is she latched with braces, but she has her ears on her face.  Dating would be difficult.

I wonder if her eyes are on the sides of her head.  Driving would be impossible... unless she can make clicking sounds like that kid I saw on 60 Minutes who navigates around like a bat.

4. Tara

Okay, so my mind works in naughty ways...  Sue me.