Revenge of The Son of 10 Ads to Disgust & Disturb You


I get the idea, but that doesn't make it less gross.  A steaming pile of dog s**t with a sign stuck in it doesn't quite work for me when it comes to the idea of brain damage.

Whoever put the sign in the poop is the one that needs to go to the site.  He has a bizarre fetish and needs therapy.

6. Philippine Animal Welfare Society

Um... This is just wrong.  Though after Charles Schultz's demise, the money must've gotten pretty tight for Charlie and his pals...

7. Basic Soda

And I thought the creepy giggling sun baby thing was scary.  It looks like this Teletubby got in a drunken brawl, smashed someone's head into the mirror, then decided to take a tinkle-winkle.

Okay... get ready for the rougher stuff...