Reverse Chocolates Say It's Good to Give Back on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Japan has always been about girls giving to guys. Now candy makers are hoping to double their business with chocolate packaging printed in reverse.

So-called "giri choco", or "obligation chocolate" has been a driving force in Japanese confectionery sales. Basically it works like this: girls get chocolate for their guys, bosses, co-workers and more every Valentine's Day. Then on White Day (March 14), the guys are supposed to reciprocate by buying white chocolate gifts.

Problem is, the pressure to splurge on the sweet stuff is placed on one sex at a time while the other half waits to be gifted. Marketers can see the gap and would prefer that EVERYONE buy chocolates no matter what official day it may be.

Naturally, they'd like to be subtle in their marketing... and the result is Reverse Chocolate! Leading confectioner Morinaga has crafted a campaign that features reversed English text & design along with a blue ribbon device that reads "This year, give in reverse". Like I said, subtle.

It's hard to say whether the results will be worth the expense of the new, temporary packaging but if gift-givers fall for it, expect a new round of backwards products to hit the shop shelves in time for White Day. (via Japan Marketing News, Peter Payne and Haikugirl)