Reverse Hourglass Tells You When Time's Up

Ever wish you could turn back time? Well you can't, but you (and your Uncle Rico) CAN have an hourglass that appears to run in reverse. Call it a paradox... that's what manufacturer Implex does. The Paradox hourglass features your choice of Forest Green or Tangerine Orange "sand" housed in a lucite frame.

Flip it upside down and it takes 30 minutes for the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass to rise to fill the top half. If by that time you've not returned to 1982, we're sorry... we'll just take your word you could throw a football over them mountains. Gosh! 

Paradox 's frame measures roughly 5" high by 1" thick by 4" wide (130 × 30 × 110mm) and weighs just over 1/4 pound (114 grams). It can be purchased for 3,150 yen or about $35 at Amazon Japan. Flux capacitor not included. (via Impress Watch)