Review Of Top 3 Body Soaps On Amazon

One of the things I like about Amazon is that I can get almost everything I can think of on it. It creates a one-stop online shopping destination for me and most products have extensive reviews on it by other purchasers. That is my favorite, its even better than trying on a product at the store.

This time around, I am expressing my views, based on research, on soaps, body soaps to be exact. I have another article on natural soaps, but this is a tad different from that one, in that it is not limited to soaps made from natural ingredients. This review of top 3 body soaps encompasses soaps that could be natural or could contain synthetic ingredients. My selection criteria include the reviews and if it succeeds in what it claims to.

#3 L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap

I have used this soap and I must say, it deserves every single one of the five stars that most users gave it. That's right, almost 100% of those who reviewed this product gave it a full rating, and not just on Amazon. Many of the other places I researched had the same results. I absolutely love this soap for the gentle and luxurious feel on my skin when I apply its lather.

Apparently it has a vegetable base and nourishing Shea butter. As most of you may know shea butter is the fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. It is one of those things that is a blessing from nature that is the perfect match for human skin. Many skin related conditions, from sun burn to eczema can be managed with products containing Shea butter.

The soap uses glycerin, palm kernel, rosemary leaf extract, sunflower seed oil and limonene and other natural ingredients to make the soap. The presence of substantial quantity of Shea butter imparts a healing and rejuvenating effect from its oil-soluble are nonsaponifiable and thus retain their healing properties. Shea butter is also good as an anti-inflammatory and in some studies have been found to prevent tumors in carsinogenesis tests. Shea butter also contains Vitamins A and E, and Catechins which are found in green tea. Catechins are what gives green tea its antioxidant characteristics.

The use of Shea butter in the L'Occitane Shea Butter soap makes it a fantastic daily-use companion that also, rejuvenates, and pampers the skin while cleaning it and nourishing it. For those who perspire a lot this soap is a godsend because it washes away the oils and moisturizes the skin and reduces the possibility of rashes and body odor.

#2 Aveda Bath Soap

One of the things that most of us forget when looking for a bath soap, beyond all the nourishment and cleansing, is the ability for it to be refreshing. A soap that that refreshes our senses when we step into the shower every morning is a luxury that we sometimes overlook. In the choices I made for this round of top soaps, one of the categories I looked for and reviewed was how refreshing a soap was. When it comes to that, Aveda takes the cake.

At less than $30 for a 350-ounce bar, it may seem on the high side, but it lasts for some time, especially if you allow excess water to drain. There are a number of reviews that I picked up on. Some of the comments that were made lead me to believe that this soap, for once, is just a soap. It gets you cleaned and it wakes your senses. Nothing complicated about it. That's what I like to see every now and then. Even the ingredients are simple, a simple soap with organic orange, grapefruit and plant derived humectants.

#1 Coco Chanel No 5 Bath Soap

If you want to feel good about yourself, this bar of soap is going to do the job. This is one I have tried and have always kept this in the bathroom for times when I just want to feel like a million bucks. I also have a couple of spare ones for selected guests that stay over and I leave this in the guest room. You can't imagine the responses I've gotten over it.

This is not a soap where you ask thinks like, does it clean? Or, does it moisturize? Well sure, it does all those things, but let's not miss the elephant in the room, this is No 5, one of the most familiar fragrances in the worlds that instantly changes whoever it comes in contact with.

I've looked around and I've even spoken to some friends who purchase this and the response is unanimous. Regardless of its forty-dollar price tag, there aren't any complaints. If you take a gander at the Amazon page for this item, there are a few comments and not one talked about its price, not one talked about anything except how much they, or the person they bought it for, loved it.

Body soaps are a way to pamper the senses before starting the day. It is not about skin care or nourishing it. It is about waking up and getting to the sunny side of the street as soon as possible. There is nothing more that can do that then a cup of coffee by your bed side, or a fresh shower soap. I guess the only thing that could beat both of those would be the next best thing is, a shower soap that smells like the best cup of coffee you've ever had.

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