Review Of Top 3 Hand Creams On Amazon

Hand creams are a life saver off sorts. If it weren't for them we would have rough, chapped hands from all the abuse our hands are subjected to. I for one go through tubes of hand cream almost weekly because I keep washing my hands. Whenever I get on the subway, shake a bunch of hands or get through handling cash, I was my hands. Washing hands are one of the greatest abuses a hand can be put through because of the soaps that we use to remove the bacteria it comes in contact with. So, except for meal times, I treat my precious hands with hand creams that moisten, protect and keep them soft and, if possible, fragrant. In my quest to find the best hand cream money can buy, I looked to Amazon. One of the main reasons Amazon is a favorite place for me to shop is because it's all here. I don't have to go to multiple vendors, its one checkout, regardless of where the product comes from. I like that. What's more, I like the fact that I have reviews to rely on. That's make a purchase more educated and less "a shot in the dark."

#3 L'Occitane Hand Cream

Off course, the brand promise I have grown to trust over the years place a huge role in my list of finalists. L'Occitane has yet to let me down and so far every product I have sampled, used, tried, I have always been supremely satisfied with. After each application, my hands feel supple and the soft texture is unmistakable. What's more there are a few variations that I could choose from, the Rose, Shea Butter, Cherry Blossom and even Lavender. I've tried them all and I keep them all handy, forgive the pun. I feel like different fragrances on different days. Sometimes I am in a sweet rosy mood and other times I am in a woodsy Lavender mood, so the different flavors work great.

You can choose a 5.2-ounce tube or a 1-ounce tube depending on your pattern of usage. The larger of the two retails at about $25 while the smaller one is about $12. Just go with the larger one, its cheaper.

I know exactly what everyone is raving about. Out of almost 170 users, three out of four users gave it a five star rating. But I have to say that there were some people who gave it a 1-star rating and I could not, for the life of me, understand that, so I took a minute to review all the one star ratings. To my surprise, the product is not what most people were complaining about. The product stood up to it, it was a problem with logistics or a problem with the different suppliers. So my advice would be to make sure that the supplier and Amazon get you the right product and not some knock-off.

#2 AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

I've always like AHAVA products so I had to try this out, but before I did, I looked at the different reviews and was glad to find out that they disappoint here either. One problem most of us forget is that sensitive hands react worse to creams than to to soaps, because soaps get washed off. But creams stay on longer and can absorb thought the skin and affect those with certain allergies. If you have really sensitive skin, then take a look at my natural hand cream article there might be something you like there too. Otherwise this AHAVA mineral cream does the job perfectly too. It is hypoallergenic and paraben free. Always a good thing in my books.

For those who suffer from dry skin, this product should work great and even if you have strong hands, using this would be absolutely the best way to pamper those hands. They are even great for night applications. I like them because they are not greasy and once I've applied them, I can still use my electronic devices or or e-books without getting them all greasy. That is a great plus with this product.

Most of the reviews for this product, almost 4 out of 5 people, gave this product full five stars with reviews like "the best cream I have ever used" and "nice scent that is not overpowering." For those who are expecting a neutral scent, then this product is not for you. I like the scent and i don't mind anything as long as it doesn't clash with my other products or if it sis too obnoxious. But this one is mild and muted and knows its place. For around fifteen bucks on Amazon, a tube of 3.4 ounces lasts about a month after daily repeated use.

#1 Nivea Cream

Before we get into anything else, you must know that there are a few different locations that Nivea is made and they are not all created equal. For the best results and the best quality cream make sure you get the one made in Germany. The price is not all that much more but there is a perceptible difference in quality from the ones made elsewhere. The list of accolades sung by users is next to endless. The serenade starts with the point that there are not preservatives and it is dermatologically approved. This is a great buy, because its mild enough for children and you can use it in the winter when everything just keeps drying out from the frigid, dry air. The magic is in an ingredient called Eucerit. Eucerit is not synthetic, it comes from sheep's wool and contains very low potential for allergy.

As far as ratings go, it rakes in 13 five star reviews and has an overall 4.4 star rating. It is a lot better in effect, scent and results compared with the fake products that can also be found on Amazon. I've linked the German-made version, but make sure what you're getting before you finalize the sale.

Am 8.5-ounce tin of Nivea retails on Amazon for less than nine bucks. Make sure its a tin and not a tube or a bottle. The original German-made product only comes in a tin and comes with Eucerit.

Hand creams are something you will find all around our house. It's in my bag, in the car, in the kitchen, and even in the hallway. I think there is even one next tot he remote on the side table. Anyway, that just goes to show how much hand cream I go through in a day, because I keep washing my hands after different tasks. I also go through hands soaps alot to and I havea nother article that looks at all the hand soaps I like. You can find that one here.

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