Review Of Top 3 Sunscreen Lotions On Amazon

Regardless of summer or winter, don't be fooled into thinking that sunscreen is only needed when the sun is out in fool force scorching the earth. it is just as harmful in the dead of winter when the blistering cold or when the Spring shill is in the air. As long as you have some acreage of skin exposed to the sun, it's going to need sunscreen. More often than not, its the face that's going to need the protection. Remember the point is not to get a tan or to protect your skin from getting one. The point is to block the ultra violet (UV) radiation is the harmful substance, not the visible light that illuminates the day. With this in mind I pulled out some research I had done about different sunscreen lotions that you can use.

#3 California Baby

I like this one. A pack of two 0.5-ounce sticks retails for just twenty-five bucks and change. It is as natural feeling as it can be without any fragrance to speak off and free from PABA. It is made form organic ingredients and has an SPF 30 rating which is ideal if you are located down in the tropical states like California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida and Texas. It also is free from the chalky residue that wipes off of everything and tends to look like you've oiled yourself for a cat fight. But seriously, the sunblock applies evenly, and has non-penetrating titanium dioxide so your kidneys are safe.

The California Baby is mild enough for kids to use, thus the name. But if your kid is less than six months old, its best to keep them out of the sun instead. Its ok to use on the face and if a bit gets in the eyes, its fine and won't sting. It's that mild. The best thing that I like about it is the lack of any specific fragrance. Its UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection that keeps everyone in the shade.

#2 Burnout SPF30 for Kids (and Adults)

This one is one of the best I could find. I like that it works on the whole family so when you make it down to Disney world you just need one tube and not a whole bunch for each member of the family. It's gentle enough for kids so adults with any allergies and tenderness would be pretty safe to use this one as well. It offers UVA and B broad spectrum protection in a hypoallergenic formula. It is fragrance-free, which I prefer so that I can still use the fragrance I prefer without it being overpowered by a sunscreen. It is also water resistant, so getting to water parks and water parks works fine for full body application and still allows us the fun without the burn.

Being perfect for sensitive skin, usually means its going to be a premium item. Add to that that the formula is pediatrician-approved and dermatologist-tested, it seems that price may be on the high side, but its not. Retailing on Amazon for just around $17 for a 3.4-ounce tube, Burnout is a worthy companion.

Most people who bought the product scored it high. Most of them ranked it five stars and overall it scored 4.3 with over 90% giving it full score. Most people didn't just use to for their kids, they used it for themselves. There were some who didn't even have kids and still "loved: it. They liked the fact that it was not greasy and when they got out of the sun at the end of the day, there was no sun burn.

#1 Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

This tops my list because it's 100% chemical free. It has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide but that is true of all sunscreens and it is required to reflect the UVA and UVB. There is an interesting thing about this bottle that got me to get it just for the novelty of it. The bottle turns blue when its placed in UVA. That way you know when the surrounding is dangerous and you get your lotion in. It's also great for water based activity, so if you're out on the boat or the catamaran, the water isn't going to wash it away.

The 5-ounce bottle retails for under twenty bucks. There are three versions, regular, sport and sensitive, so pick the one that suites your needs. This one is not kid-friendly as the other two, so if you are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution then this is probably not it, get one of the other two. But if you are just going to hit the beach or if you are going to keep the bottle around you to determine when you need to use it, then this one works great.

More than 65% of those who reviewed this sun screen loved it enough to award it a full five stars and then heaped praises on it. the others felt that it did its job but wasn't up to what they considered the perfect sunscreen. That's cool. But the reason for the one-star ratings were not because the product wasn't good, but because the users had different expectations. So I would leave those two out. Before you buy something, look at all the reviews, ready the ingredients list thoroughly and then click the buy button. No sense in buying it then reading the ingredient list once it arrives. That just wastes everyones time. I like the product, I give it a two thumbs up and take it me whenever I go mountain climbing.

Sunscreens are en essential part of our lifestyle. It makes absolutely no sense to brave the sun without it especially when we know very well what the effects are. It's even sillier to subject kids to it and then not care about the eventual effects of the UV rays. It is as important as brushing teeth as far as kids are concerned, so make it a habit the next time you get them out.