Review Of Top Three Eyeliners On Amazon

If you don't already know, eyeliners are used to highlight the eyes. For a women, next to our hair, eyes are the dominating feature in our arsenal. If our hair is a crown's substitute, our eyes are the tip of our soul's sword. It can pierce the harshest of tongues, and warm the coldest of hearts. It is our most prized possession and subduing them without sufficient highlights is a mistake no woman should make. If you are not sure of the effect of an eyeliner, look at a picture of yourself with and without the use of a simple liner. You be the judge of the effect. Or better yet, make eye contact with the cute guy across the bar without your eyeliner on and with it on, and see the difference. Anyway, if you landed on this article you already know the value of eyeliners. In the spirit of graceful glances everywhere here is a short list of the best eyeliners on Amazon. Let me know how you feel about it.

#3 NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eyeshadow

It doesn't just come in black anymore, there are a rainbow full of colors to paint your windows in any which way you like. These are simple eye pencils that last for ages. You can choose from colors like Horse Raddish to Black Bean and Rust and many, many more. This eye-liner does double duty as eye shadow as well. It's made from a concoction of oil and powder that draws like a pencil without the need to redraw line repeatedly. It goes on the first time effortlessly.

This is a popular item on Amazon. It raked on over 300 reviews and out of the more than 200 gave it a full five star rating. Over all people were very happy with the product, its range of colors and the fact that they could use it as both an eye liner pencil and as an eye shadow. Comments included that the application was smooth and effortless as well as that blending was easy to accomplish. If you are new to eyeliner, get the black one, as it works really well and you can blend it with other colors that you add to your make-up kit.

For five bucks each, you can't really go wrong. However, make sure you've git something else to buy before you get his product otherwise the shipping and handling charges are going to feel like a bite.

#2 Stilla Stay All Day

Here is a simple product that is as easy to put on as it is to take off. What I personally like about it is that it is waterproof so it doesn't run and the fact that it is a liquid eyeliner means that it goes on easily unlike the pencil ones sometimes do. You can apply a really fine line on your eyelid as close to the lashes without making a mess of goop. There is a reason why it says "all day"on the description and according to all the reviews, it is as advertised.

There are some chemicals in the eyeliner including paraben. Because of that, I don't use it. butI know there are a lot of you out there who don't mind it. So I am including it simply because it works well and does exactly what it's supposed to. Still comes with a number of other eyeliner variations. They are all pretty good and are designed to cater to different tastes and practices. So take a look at all of them especially the Indigo and Alloy those look really nice and were rated very highly as well, if you are a little funky, like I can sometimes be, try the Moss.

The eyeliner is about 6 inches and that will last you for quite sometime. I usually get replacements long before my eyeliners run out, I know most of you do too. The stick retails on Amazon for under twenty bucks and is definitely less expensive than the ones I get at local drug stores.

#1 Italia Eyeliner Set

This is by far my favorite. It comes with a set of eight pencils ranging from black, light brown, gold, two shades of blue, green, lavender and pink. They are seven inch pencils and they last for more than a year especially the ones like gold and pink which I hardly use unless its a fun night out. The other ware faster because I use them more.

Most reviewers made it a point to emphasize how well the pencil laid down the lines. This is usually not the case as pencils are notorious for thick lines and goop. This one however, is different and that's why it's at number one. More than 5 out of 8 people gave it a five star rating and that was good enough for me especially since the next highest number of commenters gave it four stars and amounted to only less than 20% of the group. the rest of the commenters were almost inconsequential. However, looking at what the dissenters said, it was obvious, they didn't realize what they were getting into. so we will discount that. There is another option if you would like more colors and that is also the same Italia product but it has 12 colors instead of 8. You can get those here.

Eyeliners, like I mentioned the reasons, earlier mean a lot to me. They highlight a part of me I wish to be on display. If you want to mesmerize, use your eyes, if you want to dominate use your hair, if you want to win, use your head. With the top 3 eyeliners on Amazon, I am pretty much covered.

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