Revive Clinic: In The Business Of Hangovers

In a world where many members of society consume alcohol like it's their job - one business has started offering a service that makes them accomplish it even more efficiently. Revive is a hangover-helper clinic located in Chicago. It uses techniques to get beverage lovers over the inconvenient symptoms that remind them of all the fun and debauchery they had the  night before that they would have otherwise forgotten about.

Revive Hangover ClinicRevive Hangover Clinic

 Revive Hydration Clinic uses a secret formula that doctors and other medical professionals have taken advantage of themselves for years - IV bags! It's a popular enough trend that a few years ago, the technique was showcased on Grey's Anatomy after a date night with a bottle of tequila went sour for one of the characters. 

The typical starter Revive cocktail is $99, and rates max out at $199. The entire process takes about an hour, and clients can relax while saline solution and vitamins are pumped through their system. In some cases, medications like Torodol are also included in the IV bag of wonders. While the medical component of a visit to Revive does its thing, there are amenities to make clients even more comfortable.

As clients start to revive (see what I did there?) snacks, healthy beverages, cool eye masks, blankets, reclining chairs and magazines complete the spa experience.

Revive may market themselves as a general "hydration clinic",  but they don't hide the fact that it was the dreaded hangover they really wanted to tackle.  They know that people truly suffering from a bad hangover will do anything to make it stop!  

Via: Business Week