With Revlon Parfumerie, Your Nails Will Look And Smell Pretty

Girls like to look and smell pretty, and we like our nails to look and--wait-- can our nails smell pretty too? I can't say I've ever been concerned with the way my nails have smelled, but since discovering Revlon Parfumerie nail polish, I'm well aware the tips of my fingers are boring and just smell like fingers. I'm rather obsessed with keeping my nails well-groomed and polished. Add smelling like roses to that obsession.

The Revlon Parfumerie comes in 24 shades, from a smashing red to a dashing green.  The range of smells is just as impressive: China Flower, Lime Basil, Apricot Nectar, and Wild Violets. A few of the scents seem a little out there, though. I don't think I'll be purchasing Italian Leather. I'll pass on Espresso and Spun Sugar, as well; I think I'd be too tempted to return to my nasty nail biting ways. The nail polish smells like conventional polish when wet, but the magic occurs once it's dry. Most reviews agree that the dried polish does smell, but not necessarily like the product it claims to emulate. Also, don't count on anyone else being able to smell the nail polish unless you stick your fingers right under their nose. I can't think of a time when this is a socially acceptable action. I generally avoid the question of "wanna smell my finger?"

Still, the colors are pretty and the polish applies well. The scent will disperse after one day, which is a bit of a bummer. It's a shame that the big selling point doesn't last long in reality. Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes are around six dollars, which is totally affordable for those of us curious about nails that smell pretty. Even if the scent isn't perfect, your nails will still look gorgeous, so you won't feel cheated. I've got tons of clothes to make me feel lovely and a drawer full of perfumes to make me smell like a goddess. It seems only right that I purchase a nail polish that makes my nails look and smell pretty.   You can see the whole selection of colors and scents here.

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