Revoltech Danboard Mini Yotsuba&! Action Figure Thinks Cute Thoughts Inside The Box

Got Danboard? The adorable cardboard box robot from the manga Yotsuba&! has been adopted by digital camera photographers as it adds a timeless sense of wonder to almost any scenic background. Revoltech's Danboard (or Danbo) Mini Yotsuba&! Action Figure is ideal for such pursuits thanks to its flexible joints and light-up eyes.

The figurine is only 80mm (about 3.15 inches) tall but considering most digicam artists place it in the foreground to add depth to the background, size in this case doesn't matter. The light-up eyes are a welcome feature that helps twilight shots really pop.

Though Danboard has been produced in a huge number of box variations from orange crates to potato chip cases and more, the classic Danboard “wears” livery from Japan.

Such is the case (pun intended) with this Revoltech Danboard Mini Yotsuba&! Action Figure, made by Kaiyodo and displaying remarkable attention to detail: even the faux-cardboard looks aged!

Pricing for the Revoltech Danboard Mini Yotsuba&! Action Figure varies widely on Amazon and yes, it's available from in North America) but expect to pay around $30. For the admittedly steep sticker one receives the figurine plus a plastic revolcontainer (a tiny box to put spare parts; though NO spare parts are included) and a round mounting base displaying the logo.

White Rabbit Express also offers a larger version standing 13cm (5.12 inches) tall and priced at $42.65 though it's not clear if the revolcontainer and/or mounting base are included. (images via M.KURASAWA)

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