Maestro Is A Revolutionary Foundation Makeup From Armani

Every woman knows that the key to exerting a strong presence is good makeup; and, the root of all good makeup is perfect foundation. Foundation is so important to the process and outcome of makeup, that women everywhere tolerate the clogged pores, the suffocating layer and the unnatural and painted look of it all. This is where Giorgio Armani's Maestro Fusion Makeup saves the day, and it is nothing short of revolutionary when it comes to a broad spectrum foundation.

Traditional Foundation

The Giorgio Armani's Maestro Fusion Makeup Foundation was developed to tackle two issues in makeup. The first issue is that traditional foundation has several drawbacks. Among the worst are that they clog pores and are difficult to remove. Beyond that, they crack in certain circumstances and require touch up throughout the day. The second reason for the development of the Maestro Fusion is that the feel of conventional foundation on skin is not exactly what every woman wants to feel on here face all day.

The Revolution

To challenge the status quo, Armani's cosmetic chemists decided to do away with the oil and water emulsion that does the job of binding the pigmentation, and clogs the face like a coat of paint. Instead, they used a cleverly formulated base that evaporates once the pigmentation is evenly spread across the surface. They decided that the medium would be a liquid, and since water is heavy, they explored with ten thousand different light oils. At the end of their research they were left with five oils. Three of the five oils carry the pigment, one acts as a sunscreen and the last is an antioxidant. The oils are so light and bind the pigments so well, that it takes only a few drops to cover the entire face evenly. Once applied, the three oils evaporate, leaving the sunscreen, the antioxidant and the pigments.

The Maestro comes in twelve shades. This works in two ways. First, it's possible to use the closest shade to the skin's tone to get a smooth and natural effect. The other way is to use a darker shade and get the tanned look. Both work flawlessly.

The Verdict

According to, in the past, foundations not only masked the blemished and uneven color, with pigments, they also covered the skin with a cake of emulsion. Among the many women who used the Armani Maestro Fusion, the response was unanimous when it came to the comfort of wearing it, and the ease of removing it at the end of the day. There was even lesser need to touch up during the day.

If there was a problem at all, it would be that some of the shades seemed a little unnatural. The other problem is that the two remaining oils that don't evaporate leave the color with a matte finish. The level of matte is not controllable and users are stuck without a choice. The only way to balance it would be the choice of makeup that one uses on top of it.

According to the Amazon user experiences for this product, one user felt that it was nothing short of marvelous that the product did exactly what was advertised. In this case, meaning that the foundation went on easily and stayed on comfortably.

The Maestro is widely available online, in places like Amazon. They are also available at the counter in fine stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Of course, the Armani website carries them too.

There is a lot of research and science that went into the development of this foundation. But putting all that aside, the Maestro is merely a revolutionary product that is a gentle companion to every woman's makeup kit. It is easily applied, it stays on flawlessly, it covers the imperfections effortlessly and seamlessly, and then at the end of the day, it washes off without a hint of hesitation. Maestro brings about perfect complexion, so that the makeup that goes on top of it, and the women that stands behind it create a stunning presence.

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