Rex Robot Shows Off Prosthetics Possibilities

Human and Robot HandHuman and Robot Hand

Robots can take a lot of shapes, but few of them are more familiar, and less disconcerting than the ones that take the human form. Sure a robot arm in a factory may be human-like, but when it comes to a full on android things are a little bit different. After all, you are talking about making a walking, talking synthetic human. Well, at least most of one. This week scientists at Shadow, a robotics research laboratory that is best know for selling human like robot arms, has announced the release of Rex. Rex is a new breed of robot that is capable of simulating most of the functions of human body parts. Between 60 and 70 percent of the human body depending on the estimate you use. For now organs like the stomach are out of reach, but when you don't have to eat not being able to digest is really not that big of a deal.

The real possibilities that come with Rex are the integration of this type of technology into ill or injured humans, taking prosthetics to a new level. If you want to see him in person Rex will be shown as an exhibit at London’s Science Museum after his TV debut tomorrow on Channel 4.

Source and Image Source: Shadow Robotics