RF Detector Tells You If Someone Is Listening In

Modern culture has made privacy a rare commodity.  We have tiny cameras inserted in neckties, X-ray glasses, and cell phones that record private conversations, and a plethora of other devices that invade our personal moments.

And while I can't rail against these devices (they can be used for good as well as evil-kind of like a giant robot-just look at Iron Giant), I can say that the more I write about this stuff, the more paranoid I get.

This being the case, I started looking for devices to counteract surveillance.  And I found this:

Big Brother is listening.  Wanna know when?Big Brother is listening. Wanna know when?

The SH-055DV High Frequency RF Detector can reveal bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cell phone, WLAN and other digital spectrum wireless devices.  It detects up to 6 GHz and has both digital and analog detection modes.

While (like the Iron Giant) this device could be used for evil, it is quite a powerful little tool for protecting your privacy.  Signal strength of listening devices can be determined via three LED indicator lights.  An alarm backs up this reading, changing tones with signal intensity-and a warning mode makes the unit vibrate.  Headphones can be used to make sure nobody knows you are on to the signal.

I'm still not quite paranoid enough to go out and surround myself with signal detection devices, but if things keep going the way they're going, an RF detector isn't the worst item to have in your inventory.

But until then... I'm listening to you... all of you...

Not really, but that was creepy, wasn't it?

You can get the SH-055DV High Frequency RF Detector at Amazon.

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