RGB LEDs Light Lian Li's Dual-Chambered PC-O8 Case

Dual-chambered case designs make for bulky PCs, but they remain an option for those who build really powerful systems. Lian Li is taking care to keep their entrant pleasing to the eye, wrapping the O-Series PC-O8 with swaths of black aluminum and tempered glass ideal for its RGB LED lighting kit.


The PC-O8 will take E-ATX motherboards and 370mm-long graphics cards, confining them to one “zone” or chamber, with the other dedicated to storage devices and the power supply. The case also seems tailor-made for liquid cooling, with radiator spots on the back (120mm), top (240mm), and front (360mm).



Even if you don't decide to liquid cool, up to eight 120mm fans can be installed throughout, and CPU coolers up to 170mm tall are usable. The drive cage will take six 3.5” and two 2.5” drives, and PSUs up to 298mm long are supported. There's no 5.25” or slim drive bays for optical drives, though.



About the RGB LED kit, three color blending knobs show up at the back of the PC-O8 when it's installed. It seems to be up to the user to position the LED strips throughout the case interior according to their preference, and the whole thing seems to be removable entirely if case lighting isn't your shtick.



Despite being “released in june 2015” (sic), Lian Li's PC-O8 case remains unavailable from the usual retailers. I wouldn't expect these to go for anything other than really expensive when they do arrive, as Lian Li cases, even without tempered glass, have historically carried premiums over other brands' products.