Ricky Gervais Gets Animated On HBO & iTunes

Anyone who saw Ricky Gervais host the Golden Globes knows that the British comedian knows how to balance schadenfreude with self-deprecating humor.  He is the master of the put-down who knows how to include himself as the butt of the joke.  While always cutting-edge, this modern-day Charlie Chapin is getting even more animated.

Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant & Ricky GervaisKarl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant & Ricky GervaisThe creator of The Office and Extras is launching another HBO series, aptly titled The Ricky Gervais Show, which is essentially Gervais chatting it up  with his longtime collaborator Stephen Merchant and friend and punching-bag Karl Pilkington. However the new wrinkle with this show is Gervais is now adding animation to his entertainment resume.

The talks initially first began as an addictive podcast series (Gervais and Merchant would poke fun at Pilkington for a half-hour, until their sidekick cried "uncle"), but now with the animation, this situation comedy has been elevated to theater of the absurd.  A definite must-see for Gervais fans, young and old.

Find out for yourself why Gervais is still at the top of his game by watching the first episode, now available for free on iTunes.