RIDA: The Armored Luxury Vehicle Ride

RIDA is one of the leading Russian producers of armored car vehicles (VIP Class, armored personnel carrier and cash-in-transits (CITS) for the banking industry) and it has earned a reputation that is 12 years strong. But RIDA is now branching out to focus on custom-made, luxury, armored vehicles and ballistic glass production while simultaneously cooperating with leading car designers and the Middle Eastern automotive markets. RIDA regularly supplies armored vehicles to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, but it is pushing rather vigorously to create, sell and extend its line of custom-made luxury cars.


RIDA’s most recent success is the certification of a wide range of restyled luxury armored car brands. The latest in an already impressive product line is RIDA’s modification of the Mercedes S221, which sits along side such popular luxury models as the Land Cruiser 200, the Lexus LX 570, Mercedes GL-class and Gelendwagen.

RIDA’s Chairman of the Board, Yury Yavorsky, said:

“In August of this year, our entire product line was certified for bullet resistance in Germany’s Ulm Certification Center and the RF Ministry of Interior’s Research Institute. RIDA has become the frontrunner in manufacturing top-class armored cars in Russia and now we’re ready to begin serial production of up to 150 units per year.”
In response to being asked about sufficient demand for these highly specialized and costly armored cars, Yavorsky added:

“Over the past few years we have been moving from the protected car market’s cheapest CIT segment to building custom vehicles for people whose level of responsibility makes them physically vulnerable. These are people like prosecutors in North Caucasus regions, top police, investigation and security officials, as well as bankers and just very wealthy people. They have to travel in armor, as they are always a target – not as individuals but as “carriers” of power, secrets or big money. When they order our cars, they are interested in security guarantees rather than price.”

The ballistic glass used in these cars is unique because it represents a combination of exclusive technologies that have created a glass that is not very thick but still capable of protecting against ammunition used by even the most advanced firearms.

How will RIDA fare in the years to come?

Only time and lots of money will tell.

Nov 10, 2008
by Anonymous

it's called Gelaendewagen or

it's called Gelaendewagen or Geländewagen.

Geländewagen isn't even the Name of a Car Model from Mercedes, but its the german term for SUV.

Nov 11, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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name for car model

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