Ride The Mando Footloose As Effortlessly As A Car

Cruising On The Mando FootlooseCruising On The Mando Footloose

The Mando Footloose looks and rides like a bike, but it is no ordinary, spokes-chain-and-gears bike. For starters, it has no chain--that age-old symbol of the bicycle (a symbol that can sometimes be a real pain). It is also electric and foldable, making it ideal for the urban commuter or the free spirit looking for their "transportation soul mate."

The absence of a chain on the Mando Footloose may seem a bit unreal--how does the bike work with no chain? The Mando's first-of-its-kind system powers the wheels with a built-in motor that doesn't require a chain.

But can you still pedal the Mando, or is it essentially a weaker version of the motorcycle, you may ask? You can definitely pedal the Mando. Pedaling not only propels you, but the energy you generate via pedaling is converted into electrical energy to charge the Mando's battery. 

Mando FootlooseMando Footloose

A Lithium-ion battery is housed inside the body of the Mando Footloose, and it powers Mando's dual-winding 250W motor. The battery can last up to 18 miles when just using Mando's throttle or 28 miles when pedaling. 

Mando's motor won't send you flying through your city's streets, but you can reach speeds of up to 16mph. That's plenty fast for the urban commuter. 

Shifting gears is also a breeze on the Mando. Actually, it's a non-issue for the rider. Mando senses gradient changes and shifts itself according to the terrain. 

Mando Footloose FoldedMando Footloose Folded

Perhaps the best feature of the Mando Footloose is its Human Machine Interface (HMI). Not only does this control center work as a spedometer, trip computer, battery monitor and manual shifter, it also functions as a lock and key system. Just detach the HMI to securely lock your Mando (you may also want to chain lock this advanced piece of technology as well...just in case). 

If all of this wasn't enough to make the urban commuter drool, the Mando Footloose is also foldable. The Mando's frame, which was modeled from the wing bone of a seagull, employs hinges and folding mechanisms to make stowing and carrying the Mando easy. Simply pull a lever, fold the bike and tote the lightweight frame into your office or home if you're not comfortable locking it outside your building. 

This "electric car on two wheels" is available on Amazon for around $3,900. Of course, you could buy a used car for that price, but a used car doesn't look as sleek and as hip as the Mando, nor can you fold up a car and stow it under your desk while at work. 

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