Riding A Bike In Montreal Just Got Easier

Andre Lavalee, Montreal’s executive committee member in charge of transportation, has announced that the city is about to get North America’s first self-serve bike rental system .

At a recent press conference, Lavalee noted that the public bike-rental system is planned to start its pilot phase in September. The system will feature public bike depots situated on various sidewalks in the city. Users will be able to swipe a credit card at one depot, use a special-designed bike for a small fee and then drop it off at a depot near the destination they’re going to. The depots will have 10 bikes each and will be scattered around the different boroughs of the city so that everyone can try out the new system.

Users will be able to consult a website to find bike depots close to wherever they and they’re destination are located. They can also find out if certain depots are busy or not. So far, the forms of payment accepted for renting a bike are credit cards, debit cards and even a membership card.

The public bike-system isn’t a new idea as many other cities have already incorporated the concept. Barcelona, Paris, Lyon and a handful of other European cities already have successful rental systems up and running.

You can read more on this topic on our site at A New Way to Look at Public Transporation.

Jun 28, 2008
by Anonymous

That's really neat! and very

That's really neat! and very "handy". I think it will benefit bike riders out a lot and make it easier to leave their bikes in a safe place. I think it would be better if they had like a change place, because just in case the person doesn't have a credit card or anything on them at the time...