Riding The Stone Wave In Your Microwave

Historically the invention of the microwave made cooking a whole lot faster and easier, even is all some of us do is nuke leftovers, frozen dinners, and popcorn. With the Stone Wave you can add to your repertoire Stone WaveStone Waveof microwave cuisine almost as easily. The specially designed stoneware pot allows you to cook food in a healthy, low-fat, and -- best of all -- fast way.

The non-stick surface of the Stone Wave means that you can cook without using additional oil, fat, or butter. The real secret to how it works is in the lid. That isn't just a handle on top of the lid. The lid handle is actually a chimney to allow the steam to escape as the food cooks. The dome shape of the lid promotes even distribution of the heat so that whatever you are preparing cooks evenly. 

The pot handle is designed to be comfortable to the touch, making it easier to remove from the microwave when hot. 

An added bonus of the Stone Wave is that the stylish look makes it suitable to go from oven to table so you won't have to wash that extra serving dish. With the non-stick surface the Stone Wave is easy to clean.

Stone Wave OmeletStone Wave Omelet

From simple omelets and poached eggs to French onion soup, apple crisp, and even chocolate soufflé. You'll really be cooking now!

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