Rifle Umbrella Keeps You Dry, Could Trigger Panic

Stop or I'll bumbershoot! The Rifle Umbrella may not be the most well-thought-out gadget but at least it'll keep you dry when sudden storms strike.

How inappropriate is the Rifle Umbrella as a concept for urban living in troubled times? Perhaps a better question is, where could you possibly take this bad-weather boomstick and not raise everyone's personal fear meter to threat level midnight?

Thoughtful or not – and we're going with “not” - The Real Rifle Firearm and Barrel Umbrella from Hong Kong's gadget guru Brando.com is a fully functional umbrella that's activated, naturally, by pressing the trigger on the rifle stock shaped handle. Doing so before you even leave your home is probably the best course of action, by the way. 

The Rifle Umbrella comes with a one-piece cover bag fitted with a strap that allows the user to carry their stealth umbrella much the same way a hunter carries his (or her) gun. Hilarity, as they say, is sure to ensue.

Two models are available: one has a faux wood stock and measures 100 cm (40 inches) while a shorter, 73 cm (29.2 inches) version features a black stock. Both models are tipped with identical imitation rifle barrel tips including gunsights. As those crazy guys at Brando love to say, “Let's Check More Fun for Daily Life!!”

Brando has priced the Rifle Umbrella at $28 for the longer model and just $19 for the shorter model. Both come with the handy combo sheath/carrier but what users will need the most isn't included: a Get Out of Jail Free card.

UPDATE: The rifle umbrella is now available in the U.S. at Amazon here and other retailers.

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Feb 28, 2012
by Anonymous

I used to see one onone

I used to see one on
one. Truly amazing!