Riiflex Dumbbells Provide Weights For The Wii

Add one more fitness accessory to the long list of equipment available for the Wii: Riiflex Dumbbells. To me, virtual dumbbells seem about as ridiculous and useless as it gets--especially when they weigh only 2 pounds. But someone saw a glimmer of usefulness in the idea and brought us the Riiflex Dumbbells for the Wii. A long time in the making, the Wii accessories are now available for purchase.

The Riiflex's are "ergonomic, gym-quality weights" that secure around your Wiimote and provide a little extra resistance to your Wii workout. A soft rubber covers the actual weights so they won't break your valuables (or foot) if you accidentally drop one during a vigorous Wii session.

The weights work with a variety of Wii games including Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active and Fitness Ultimatum. They're available here for $29.99.


 Riiflex via Engadget

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Jun 2, 2011
by Anonymous

As necessity is the mother

As necessity is the mother of invention and the mantra of usefulness survives odds. It is sleek, trendy and handy. It is an informative post.