Rilakkuma Alloy Wheels Let You (And Everyone Else) Roll With Laughter

They see you rollin, they hatin... not to mention pointin & gigglin. Rilakkuma automotive alloy wheels are not only officially licensed by Sanrio, but Japanese auto parts & accessories company MLJ Inc also offers colorful Rilakkuma tire valve covers to complete the uber-cute look and keep your car in character.

The wheels may look like novelty hubcaps but don't be fooled: they're actual alloy road wheels fastened via four lugs secreted behind circular hub covers. The covers, by the way, are embossed with the Rilakkuma name – presumably so nobody will confuse the character with Pedobear. 

MLJ Inc proudly professes the fact that their Rilakkuma wheels were given a passing grade by the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association. No word if the testers had to stifle their snickers during the testing, but we digress.

Rilakkuma alloy wheels are available in two finishes; matte silver or pearl white. Buyers can choose from the 14 x 4.5 size priced at 15,000 yen ($150) each and slightly larger 15 x 5 dimension discs costing 17,000 yen ($170) each.

Completing the in-character look with a set of four Rilakkuma valve stem covers is a must, especially as Rilakkuma is depicted in full color. Whether you choose to paint your vehicle pink and add custom Rilakkuma graphics is entirely up to you; MLJ Inc has done enough as it is. (via Autoevolution)