Rilakkuma Condoms Make Cute & Conscientious Gifts

Rilakkuma "Honey" Condoms by Okamoto feature colorful box and wrapper art that's so cute, giftees might think they've been presented with a box of delicious sweet treats. Contraception just got a lot more adorable!

Rilakkuma, for those who don't know, is one of Japan's most loved characters – some say he rivals Hello Kitty in that respect. Following perhaps in his kittenish sister character's footsteps, Rilakkuma has begun various commercial associations with, er, unexpected products.

Created in 2003 by San-X designer Aki Kondo, Rilakkuma's name means “relax bear”... and these officially licensed Rilakkuma condoms are meant to soothe the fears of users worried about some of the more unpleasant (or unwanted) effects of an intimate encounter.

Packed 10 individually wrapped pink condoms to a box, Rilakkuma "Honey" Condoms include warming lubricant that ensures your every move will be extra-smooth. Plus, they're “super adorable, and a great ice breaker” according to the copy at the White Rabbit Express product page. Evidently one of White Rabbit Express's staffers has discovered condoms make excellent conversation starters – who knew?

Get your very own gift box of Rilakkuma "Honey" Condoms by Okamoto for the low, low cost of $11.50 per box, plus shipping. You can order them online from White Rabbit Express, at their convenient English-language product page.