Ringly: Beautiful Jewelry That Alerts You To Phone Messages

If you're tired of missing calls or texts because your phone was in your purse, Ringly can help. Wearable technology is advancing, and Ringly goes a step further by not looking like technology at all. These rings will vibrate or light up when you receive a call or text message. Your phone can stay in your purse, and you can stay in the moment, while still staying connected. 

Ringly connects to your smartphone, so you won't miss another call, text, email, or update. It's a pretty easy process. You need to download the Ringly app, which works for iOS or Android. This connects your phone to your ring. From there, you can personalize your alert system. The ring can vibrate or light up to suit your preference, and you can program the ring the ring to notify you differently depending on the situation. With four vibrations and five colors, Ringly could light blue when your hunnie calls, vibrate when your calendar goes off, and shine yellow when you get a text. You decide how to manage the alerts, ensuring you won't miss a thing. 

Ringly comes in four stone colors and is built with 18k-gold. At their preorder price, Ringly sells for $145.00, but that price will jump to almost two hundred dollars once Ringly hits the market. It's a steep price to pay for staying connected, especially since you could just up the ringer on your cellphone. Ringly is a step in the right direction for combining tech and fashion; however, it seems like the gadget's appeal will wear off quickly. If you need to stay connected to your phone, though, Ringly would be the perfect piece for you. And it is beautiful jewelry, just with a technology twist. 

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