Rinspeed iChange is a True Transformer

While many companies are looking for ways to make their engines and transmissions more efficient, Rinspeed is working to make the overall design more aerodynamic. From this, they have decided that a vehicle that can change its shape provides the best option when it comes to overall efficiency. Enter, the Change.

No, this was not something that Apple came up with, and I'm not sure why that "i" is there to begin with, but at any rate Rinspeed is hoping this design will take us one step farther in our search for cleaner more efficient means of transportation.

The idea behind the design is simple. The less people you want in a vehicle, the less interior space you need, ergo the more aerodynamic its shape can become. While this works great for top fuel dragsters and F-1 vehicles, a daily driver would be almost useless without some extra passenger space. The iChange can provide for both such occasions.

The styling has been named "Electronic Trick-Tail," and am I'm sure you have figured out, the rear half of the cabin can be extended to accommodate up to two additional passengers. Of course, this means more expensive electronics and a special material for the body, but come on, it's a Transformer right?

Other than number of occupants, Rinspeed hasn't given up many details as to how the whole system works. They plan on introducing the iChange at the Geneva Motor Show in March.