Rinspeed UC? to Make Use of Rail System to Provide Clean Transportation

Rinspeed never fails to impress us with their concepts during the Geneva Motor Show, with the iChange of last year being their most recent. For 2010 it seems the company decided to keep with the clean and green ideology, bringing us the UC? Electric Concept vehicle.

UC? stands for Urban Commuter and, as the name implies, will be aimed at those of us who travel only a few miles to and from work. An electric motor provides power to the front wheels and can deliver up to 91lb/ft of torque. The top speed of the UC? is limited to 68mph while range is listed at 74 miles from a 100% charge.

If you feel like taking a longer drive, the UC? is able to communicate with the rail system and arrange a lift for you and any passengers.  This "mobile carport" is able to transport you and your vehicle to nearly any place with a rail station and can even charge the UC? while in transit.

Of course, this kind of infrastructure would take quite a while to develop, but the interest in such technology is steadily growing.

Expect to see the UC? Concept at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

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