Rinspeed Unofficially Unveils the iChange--Talks Production

A short while back, we brought you the story of the Rinspeed iChange Concept vehicle. The iChange is essentially a single seat sports car that, when necessary, could extend the cabin area to hold up to three people. Since then, Rinspeed has refined the concept car and the time has finally come to unveil it to the world.

Not very much about the overall design has been changed from the original concept, with only a few of the body lines have shifted slightly and the cockpit looking marginally larger. Powering the iChange will still be the 204 horsepower equivalent electric motor drawing energy from a stack of Lithium-Ion batteries. Two different sized stacks of batteries can be used, one for short trips and the other for extended driving.

The true innovation behind the iChange is the ability to change it shape to fit the needs of the driver. Rinspeed chose to do this after taking a long look at how aerodynamics effects fuel economy. The extensive use of lightweight materials and low rolling resistance tires also play a huge role it keeping the iChange as green as possible.

According to the founder of Rinspeed, Frank M. Rinderknecht, the name iChange was chosen due to a single question: "Can ‘I change'?"

The official unveiling is set to happen at the beginning of next month during the Geneva Motor Show, where additional details are expected to be released.