The Ripple Rug: A Truly Innovative Cat Toy


The Ripple Rug, created by Yoda and her human parents, Fred and Natasha Ruckel from the Catskills, NY, provides a place for almost all of a cat's recreational needs - hiding, stalking, surprising, scratching, grooming, and yes, even sleeping. This 3 x 4 foot double-layered rug, is a veritable cat playpen, which aims to keep your kitty from satiating her needs with your Persian carpets, leather sofas, and linen window shades....


Ripple Rug: image via ripplerug.comRipple Rug: image via


The design of the Ripple Rug creates the nooks and crannies for your cat's play and sleep.  While the non-slip bottom layer of the Rug is a solid mat, the top layer contains a variety of size openings, through which your cat can peak or reach or make folds to hug.  Of course you can introduce your cat's crinkle balls and stuffed toys through the holes, giving them a new life in a different environment.


Ripple Rug: image via ripplerug.comRipple Rug: image via


In addition to the pre-cut holes, which have safety slits to keep kitty from getiing stuck in them, the top layer contains several Velcro touch points, so that a myriad of shapes and spaces can be made to challenge your cat's constant need for novelty.


What cats love about the Ripple Rug: image via kickstarter.comWhat cats love about the Ripple Rug: image via


The Ripple Rug is made in the U.S. of recycled plastic bottlles and non-toxic fibers, safe for humans and pets. The Rug is mold, mildew, and stain resistent; spot clean with soap and water. Right now, Yoda and her parents are testing the Ripple Rug on Kickstarter.  To learn more and to support the Ripple Rug, visit here.  Visit the company's website at