Road Rage: Stephen King's Seven Scariest Cars, Trucks & Trains

Best-selling horror author Stephen King must have a thing for evil vehicles; he was writing about them long before a minivan nearly ended his life in 1999. This septet of scary cars, trucks and even a train epitomize King's – and by extension our – tormented love-hate relationship with all things wheeled.  


Green Goblin Truck from Maximum Overdrive

The infamous Green Goblin not only fronted a Happy Toyz truck, it was perhaps the most memorable “face” from the 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive.

Written and directed by King himself, the flick starred Emilio Estevez and featured an assortment of enraged, driverless vehicles turned against humanity by radiation from an Earth-grazing comet. Sounds legit. (scary Stephen King truck image via Not Coming to a Theater Near You)  



George Stark's 1966 Olds Toronado

George Stark, the evil alter-ego of author Thad Beaumont from The Dark Half, is in his own words a “high toned son of a bitch”... and he applied those very words to the decklid of his midnight black 1966 Olds Toronado. Like Stark, the ominous Oldsmobile seemingly came out of nowhere - and won't go back without a fight.

By all accounts Stark was "not a very nice guy" but one thing's for certain: he drove a very cool car. (scary Stephen King car image via IMCDB)   



From A Buick 8's Buick 8

When is a Buick not a Buick? When it's the featured “vehicle” at the heart of Stephen King's 2002 novel From A Buick 8.

Abandoned at a western Pennsylvania gas station in 1975, what outwardly appeared to be a 1953 Buick Roadmaster turned out to have a steering wheel that wouldn't turn, prop dashboard instruments and an engine with no moving parts. The car DID have other attributes, however, that one won't find on a Buick dealer's option sheet. (scary Stephen King car image via deviantART/Smurfesque



Pet Sematary's ORINCO Peterbilt Truck

“I don't wanna be buried, in a Pet Sematary” sang The Ramones in the 1989 film version of Stephen King's Pet Sematary. One way to avoid such a fate is by keeping off the busy highway that runs in front of your house.

Young Gage Creed wasn't old enough to debate cause and effect when he ran out on the road to retrieve a spool of kite string, however. As for the driver of the hurtling ORINCO oil truck, well, he was too busy boppin' to the beat of Sheena Is A Punk Rocker to notice Gage until it was too late. (scary Stephen King truck image via movie|fone



Cujo vs 1978 Ford Pinto

No one ever said the 1978 Ford Pinto Runabout was a great car but hey... any port in a storm, amiright? Especially when the storm is in the form of a huge, insane, rabid St Bernard.

Stephen King actually had a Pinto much like the one depicted in Cujo (both the book and the 1993 film); he had bought it for his wife but the car was prone to stalling. What if the Pinto happened to stall at the wrong time and in the wrong place?, King wondered to himself one day. In a nutshell: bad dog, bad car! (scary Stephen King car image via Forgotten Flix



Blaine the Mono

Featured in two of The Dark Tower books (The Waste Lands, and Wizard and Glass), Blaine the monorail is an artificial intelligence driven to psychopathic and suicidal depths – his alternative-world counterpart is Charlie the Choo-Choo, a very disturbing children's theme park train.

Blaine is happy to carry passengers; he's even happier to tell them he plans to violently derail himself once they reach their final (literally) destination. And you thought Amtrak was frightening! (scary Stephen King train image via Butterfunk)



Christine: 1958 Plymouth Fury

Stephen King published Christine in 1983; the John Carpenter-directed film of the novel was released the same year. More than any other King novel or film adaptation, Christine features the car as the star. If you're like us, you'll love her like we love our coffee: covered in flames!

Possessed by an evil sentience whose hate knows neither bounds nor speed limits, Christine is the most furious Plymouth Fury you'll ever meet... the last one too, should you be so unfortunate as to make her acquaintance. It's just as well Chrysler killed off Plymouth in 2001... or did they?? (scary Stephen King car image above via Tomopop, at top via Macymarie)